Interesting Idea to Make Vertical Garden from Bricks

Interesting Idea to Make from Bricks. The existence of the garden is crucial for creating cool atmosphere and fresh in a building, especially in residential homes. It’s just that often a constraint is the available land to create the garden was too narrow and not sufficient to make the garden a wider and wider.

To overcome this, a new technique that has been found to create a vertical garden. This garden does not require large tracts of land for use as a wall forms a wall that extends upward or sideways. So it is not flat on the ground as ordinary garden that has often we have seen so far.

For those who are interested in creating a different look, vertical gardens or often referred to as the garden walls can also be made fused directly to the wall of the house or fence or other elements. How to make it very simple, just use the material of adobe alone without other additives.

Pictures of Vertical Garden from Bricks

Brick wall Contemporary Garden by sustainable garden design perth

Brick wall Contemporary Garden by perth

Bricks Wall Herb Garden Home Design Ideas

Bricks Wall Home

Bricks Wall Herb Garden Home Design Photos

Bricks Wall Herb Garden Home Design Photos

Inspiration for a contemporary landscape in Philadelphia with a vertical garden from bricks

Inspiration for a contemporary landscape in Philadelphia with a vertical garden from bricks

Examples of interesting ideas to make vertical garden from bricks can be seen in the picture. The first thing that must be done to create a with a view like this is setting up the bricks. But unlike the brick in general is generally a product made in a factory, concrete blocks to make this garden must be constrained itself for taking a concept and a somewhat different form.

On the side or edge, must be made niches or hollows into which will serve to put the media laying the ground for ornamental . Even better if hollows or niches in brick stone is also made with a rather unique design, not only the shape of the hole mediocre. Even if necessary, in certain parts also created other ornaments such as a circle or other shape that does not interfere with basic functions.

And it must be remembered, form a basin that is used to place these plants must be carefully reckoned with both size and depth. So the land used for media plants do not easily fall off and water is splashed can seep into easily but did not cause puddles that can make plants become easily rot and die.

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But on the other hand, stone brick should also hold weight like a stone brick in general. Because apart from being used to make a garden, stone brick must also support the weight of the other walls, especially those at the top.

After drying, the bricks made from cement and sand can be placed integrally on the wall along with the bricks others. In order to have a more attractive appearance, can be made the concept more varied composition and use paint different colors of paint to paint for concrete blocks and bricks. But should the color application is done after the process of the wall has been completed and the stone brick has been given media land.

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If installed properly and cleanly then we can put a medium soil mixed with compost and fertilizer, the other with the right composition. The last step we just give in overdraft or basin.

If the sample image used is the type of plants the grass, we can replace it with another ornamental plants or small size herb can bring flowers. To produce increasingly look unique, beautiful and perfect, choose plants that flower color harmony with the color of brick walls and stone colors. Or it could be adapted to a color of the paint flowers produced.