New, beautiful Ikea kitchens 2018 – These are the new products and highlights!

new ikea kitchens 2018You may already have heard it: The new catalog 2018 is already there! Last week we talked about the highlights about decoration. Today we would like to take a closer look at the IKEA Kitchens in 2018 and tell you what’s new in the catalog. The current products are smart, trend-setting and ! New in the range are 3 , 3 , a mixer battery and a work surface.

Ikea Kitchens 2018: The UDDEVALLA doors with a chalkboard surface

Ikea Kitchens 2018: The UDDEVALLA doors with a chalkboard surfaceWith the UDDEVALLA door IKEA has finally joined the Tafelfarbe trend. The front is covered with recycled PET plastic and a foil, which allows you to draw and write on the surface with chalk. Only with Ikeas MÅLA chalk course. The chalk is then simply wiped with a damp cloth.

UBBALT door in taupe

UBBALT door in taupeThe new UBBALT door convinces with its moisture and stain-resistant foil surface and the silky-matt color. Taupe has paved its way through all fashion and beauty areas and is also in demand in the interior architecture. The trend color creates a modern yet reserved atmosphere and also makes a good figure in .

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JORMLIA LED door with remote control

JORMLIA LED door with remote controlIn 2015, IKEA presented the design collection with a cordless charging function. In October 2016, IKEA continued its journey to the clever home and introduced a new smart lighting collection. These are LED bulbs, LED light panels and doors with LED lighting. This year the Swedish furniture manufacturer is thrilled by LED lighthouses for the kitchen. The light intensity can be controlled wirelessly and adapted to the respective activity. For a romantic dinner, for example, you would dim the light.

New buttons and handles: and BAGGANÄS

New buttons and handles: ENERYDA and BAGGANÄSThe play a decisive role for the overall picture. For this reason, IKEA is launching a new range of kitchen handles and buttons. The new BAGGANÄS and ENERYDA knobs and handles are a real sight in every kitchen facility!

* In the picture above you can also see the new RÅSKOG bar stool.

Handles and knobs in brass colors

Handles and knobs in brass colorsBoth series are available in black and brass colors. The ENERYDA models are also available in chrome, while the BAGGANÄS are available in . So everyone can find the version that suits and fits best.

BAGGANÄS Buttons can be used differently

BAGGANÄS Buttons can be used differentlyThere is also something interesting about the BAGGANÄS and the ENERYDA buttons. Each color is characterized by a different button shape. The ENERYDA tray handles are also extremely practical and are well-positioned.

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Brass handles in combination with BODBYN fronts in light gray

Brass handles in combination with BODBYN fronts in light grayOSTERNÄS leather handles

OSTERNÄS leather handlesThe designers of IKEA have probably been inspired by the many bloggers who have used leather straps to make useful shelf brackets and cupboard handles. The result: the ÖSTERNÄS leather handles. They are made of tanned leather, environmentally friendly and harmless.

OSTERNÄS leather handlesCurrently, the OSTERNÄS handles are offered in light leather only. After treatment with ABSORB leather care the leather will darken. The stainless steel elements round off the look perfectly.

GUBBARP handle

PINNARP WorkbenchThe GUBBARP handles are made from recycled plastic. They are particularly attractive not only by their sustainable concept, but also by their low price. The GUBBARP knobs and handles are incredibly cheap: the set (two pieces) costs only 0.50 euros.

PINNARP WorkbenchPINNARP Workbench

Another environmentally friendly product, presented by IKEA, is the PINNARP workbench. It is made of chipboard with a 3 mm thick cover layer of solid ash and fascinates with a subtle grain and a friendly light hue. The work surface looks particularly beautiful in combination with matt black fronts and the ÖSTERNÄS leather handles.

ELMAREN mixed battery

ELMAREN mixed battery

ELMAREN mixed batteryThe mixing battery ÄLMAREN has a jet regulator for lower water flow and saves water and energy. Also practical is the pull-out cock, which facilitates the rinsing of dishes. The stainless steel surface is very sturdy and easy to clean.

The SUNNERSTA mini kitchen

The SUNNERSTA mini kitchenThe Sunnersta series has been introduced last year and has been gaining in popularity ever since. It consists of a shelf-like construction with built-in sink. The 2018 catalog shows that there is room for the portable induction hob and the small refrigerator from the TILLREDA range. Perfect solution for a small budget!

More news in the catalog 2018: STORHET champagne bowl

Ikea catalog 2018: STORHET champagne bowlThe Storchet champagne bowl brings elegance to every table and makes the Alnass, to which the sparkling wine is served, even more noble. In the bowls you can also serve desserts and fruit salads stylishly. But also for cocktails the dish is excellent. A sugar edge on the cocktail glass has a flavor, rounding off your drinks especially visually.

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TILLAGD cutlery

TILLAGD cutleryAnother highlight of the new Ikea catalog is the Tillagd cutlery. Whether black or in brass colors, the 24-piece set brings that certain something on the table. The stylish cutlery matches modern and traditional dishes and spreads a sense of luxury. The best thing about it is that it is dishwasher proof.

PRISTELLA serving tray with floral print

PRISTELLA serving tray with floral printHow painted look these beautiful flowers. The are even more effective against the black background. The Blumendesign fits perfectly with the current vintage trend, but still very modern. So you can serve the afternoon coffee or tea stylishly, as well as guests unusual drinks and finger food.PRISTELLA serving tray with floral print

Inspirations from the Ikea catalog 2018 for the design of your dream kitchen

Ikea shows again and again that the kitchen is not only for cooking, but also for life. In addition to the great new products, Ikea also offers wonderful ideas on how to furnish a kitchen stylishly and functionally. Let’s inspire from the Ikea kitchens below!

KUNGSBACKA fronts and BOSJÖN mixing battery in matt black

KUNGSBACKA fronts and BOSJÖN mixing battery in matt black

VOXTORP High-gloss doors in cream and white worktops

VOXTORP High-gloss doors in cream and white worktopsNew is also the hand-woven Stockholm carpet, which presents itself with great new patterns. Whether striped, with mesh or zigzag patterns, each product is unique and hand-woven by talented craftsmen from India.

KALLARP doors in sage greenKALLARP doors in sage green

KALVIA door as accent, white fronts, faucet and sink in blackKALVIA door as accent, white fronts, faucet and sink in black

JÄRSTA front in orange makes for a good moodJÄRSTA front in orange makes for a good mood

All in white: VOXTORP door, EKBACKEN workbench and BEJUBLAD induction fieldAll in white: VOXTORP door, EKBACKEN workbench and BEJUBLAD induction field