The Characteristic of Home Garden which Using European and Mediterranean Styles

garden which using European and Mediterranean styles not unlike the houses, the park also consists of several types or styles of design. But in general, making the park is also always follows the concept of the architecture of the houses built. If the house wearing , the garden created also has the same design concept. Similarly, the Mediterranean-style house, it would have had a more perfect if not using the other style.

Both the design of house building is quite popular in Indonesia. Then there is no harm if we also know the differences and characteristics of home gardens that use the European style and Mediterranean. Although originating from the area that is located not far apart, but both styles have some concepts are not the same, although both have a purpose that is not different, namely to create an impression that is more beautiful and cool in the house.

For garden use European style, its main characteristic lies the use of ornamental plants that color is not only dominated by green only. Another color that has properties such as bright red, yellow, orange and so is often used to decorate the garden which has the concept of European style. The color can be raised from the leaves or flowers are blooming.

Pictures of Home Garden which Using European and Mediterranean Styles

European Garden traditional landscape

traditional landscape

Mediterranean Garden Home Landscape Design

Home Landscape Design

Mediterranean Garden in San Anselmo, CA

Mediterranean Garden in San Anselmo, CA

Quaint European Garden traditional landscape

Quaint European Garden traditional landscape

In addition, European also always have a more regular and have special patterns such as triangle geometric shapes, squares and roundabouts or circles. This is what makes the choice of ornamental plants must be adapted to the forms that apply, especially if the plant had a way to grow irregularly.

For areas Indonesia’s sultry or tropical, ornamental plants that can be used to make the European style park among others is a teas or trim, drawstring, lantana, mirten and gardenia. If this is a deeper exploration can be equipped with a fir , Japanese bamboo, lantana, fichus, shelled and Bougainville.

As more using soft plants or woody, the European style garden should be more often get the water supply. And no less important is, we should more often put through trimming or cutting so that the character of geometric created can still be seen with a firm and tidy.

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characteristic style gardens using European and Mediterranean as for park homes with Mediterranean style, more often wear a type of plant that has more characters hard but got size which is not so high. Kind include cactus, ferns, ornamental and crop kerokot grass has more leaf size dense and long.

As an additional element, a Mediterranean garden also often use other elements of is placed to cover the soil surface. So the use of or paving blocks are seldom applied. Even some parks even wearing special sand that serves as an enhancer element aesthetic value. This particular sand usually has a white color as the sand is placed to cover the land used to place the cactus and other plants.

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To bring the Mediterranean character stronger, between the park can be put ornaments on statues of Mediterranean specialties. But this statue can also be replaced with a small pillar that looks like a pillar of building homes that are round in shape extends upward. The pole is then given a kind of pot-shaped rectangular box, and then used as a medium to put houseplants

Thing to remember is, ornate sculpture or this pillar must also use the typical Mediterranean colors, such as beige or reddish yellow. While the ingredients for making that kind of natural stone granite or terrazzo.