Tips for Decorating Terrace House using Natural Stones

Tips for Decorating Terrace House using . Besides being used as a place to relax and gather with family while enjoying the view in front of the house, the terrace also serve as a liaison between the occupants and visitors or guests who come in and want to get into the room or the house after passing through the front yard.

So although not a major element, but because they are located in front of the terrace should also be given a touch in order to have an attractive appearance. And not just on the inside, but outside the existing floor or front porch should also be made as beautiful as possible so that the view of the patio increasingly look more perfect.

White coral natural stone front garden ideas

White coral front garden ideas

One of the elements or materials that can be used to beautify the look of the outside is natural. But most people still feel confused about how to wear techniques such as natural. There are a few tips to use natural to decorate the patio that can make the display look more beautiful patio and eye-catching. Examples can be seen in the picture.

Natural stone, bright white color and about the size of pebbles used to fill gaps or blank field that lies between the composition . This road is a link between the patio and a room that was on the side. The street that has a display like the letter ‘S’ is made of cement and sand mixture were then given a fresh coat of paint black color. It makes the road look perfectly visible and contrast.

Ways for installing natural stones for carport

Ways for installing natural stones for carport

If you want a slightly different view, the floor can be replaced by any other natural stone shape is round or square. To create the impression of a more natural, the stone could have that kind of irregular shape. However, the color must still use a dark color so that the natural is used as an ornamental or accessory can still appear as an element which is not an additional element only. Moreover, if the patio is also using the dominant colors were bright as well.

At the edges along the footpath by the limiting element. In addition to making more tidy and beautiful scenery, the limiting element also has another function, namely to provide protection to the natural that are not easily scattered. The colors used should also be the same as the color of the floor walkway.

Terrace house natural stones with coral stones

Terrace house natural stones with coral stones

The end is in front of the room, natural expanse of natural is made wider and longer, following the line of the existing wall on it. Because the wall has a curved shape, the expanse of white natural is also curved. When viewed at a glance, such as forming the letter ‘Y’.

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Natural stones are in this section is given a line or barrier element, so that it can raise the risk of scattered stones. To resolve this issue overlay it can also be a limiting element as well but we recommend using the same color with the color of natural. In this way the display still looks beautiful footpaths and do not reduce the value of the art design.

Minimalist front house garden with natural stones ideas

Minimalist front house garden with natural stones ideas

Another method that can be applied is the limiting element is covered with natural stone composition was also prepared using white cement. Or it could be made of a material pebbles as well but using a larger size and a portion of the stone incorporated into the soil so that it can function as a safety.

In addition to filling empty fields on footpaths, natural is also used to cover the ground at the small garden located on the side porch or beside the path, stick to the walls. Expanse of natural is not made straight, but follows the shape or pattern of arrangement of ornamental in the area.